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Offering 64K music (64klang)

Posted by Byproduct
This post has expired on 2019-05-31.

If you're doing a 64k demo sometime this year, I'd be happy to make a soundtrack using 64klang. I'd prefer to do most of the composing in April/May (while I'm on my holiday), but the demo can be released at any 2019 party.

For reference, here's a 64klang track I've made, takes about 16kb. ( ). It won the Assembly music compo. Other stuff also available for listening on SC of course.

As for your demo, I've no specifics in mind. It doesn't have to be compo-winning stuff (necessarily :P). If you have some ideas that give the music some direction, that's great. Also, you'd have to have released some prod in the past. I've met a bunch of people who have big plans but they then never take any material form and the music is wasted. So that's what I'd like to avoid. But besides that, anything goes. :)

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