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3D coder for Metaverse / Demoverse

Posted by elan

It´s year 2016. And next 4 years will be all about VR (virtual reality).

I am 3D artist and visionary (3D CAD as job). I was growing with demoscene since I was 13 (1995).
I want to do new social metaverse / demoscene virtual world / biggest collaborative mega demo ever made. 3D network with mmo aspects (PvP arena, microeconomy, some of rooms will be with storyline) and YES there will be ability to make demos there too (scripting, uploading 3D objects, playing your demo music in club live and showing your pixalart in gallery, there will be also demo university and co-working skyscraper)... Making your mirror (like in TRON movie) to achieve immortality in VR. So I need graphics coder, best will be when you will be also 3D artist in same time...
And yes there will be ability to running emulators there too (amiga, atari, c64, zx)...

Let me know if you are interested in. When YES lets define DEMO 2.0 together! Scene will be never same...

How it will looks like (Conspiracy-OffscreenColonies) >>>
More >>>
Pouet.Net Topic >>>

Matej (matejeusk) email>>>

OffscreenColonies will be our codex, bible, holy text for study...
Also I recommend you to read Snow Crash scifi novel...
And watch TRON and TRON Legacy movies...

Maybe I am dreamer. Maybe I have not 50M Euros for software house... But maybe this will kickstart demoscene once again. Maybe in environment which will be demotool and tracker and virtual world with 3D projectors in real world we will unlock our hidden potential... And in 2050 our metaverse can be connected with microrobotics... Real world real time rendering... Who knows! (scifi? cyberpunk?)

"Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, The Mind Can Achieve"

Lets make whole "Planet Demoscene".

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