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Looking for vector icon artist to create high-DPI icons for OpenMPT

Posted by Saga Musix
High-DPI screens are becoming more and more important these days, and as such, a lot of content designed for 96 DPI no longer looks good on such screens or is just very tiny.
OpenMPT's ( ) current icon set uses bitmap icons at 16x16 pixels, and while I could replace half of them by bigger versions from the Visual Studio icon library, the other half are custom icons and thus would have to be redrawn from scratch. I wouldn't really want to do that, given that I'm no good graphics artist and who knows when screens will go even higher-DPI, asking for another variant of the same icon to be drawn.

Thus, I am looking for a skilled vector artist who can redo OpenMPT's icons from scratch. The current icon set looks like this:
If you decide to offer your help, I will guide you through the various icons and explain how they are used, etc.

My requirements are as follows:

- Work in an open format, or at least have the possibility to export your work to a well-known open vector format (e.g. EPS, SVG, anything InkScape or similar free software can open). This is important if someone else will have to pick your work later without redoing everything from scratch. See also next point.
- There's a possibility I will ask for new icons every now and then, but you can be sure that will be just a few (definitely less than 10) per year, if at all.

- No modern flat Windows app look, please! I don't want monochrome icons that you see everywhere these days. Use colors, use gradients! This brings us to the next point:
- The icons should be visually similar to the existing icons. Users hate change, and the more you change the icons, the less willing they will be to accept the icons. I know this usually fades away after a week or so of using the icons, but try telling that the angry users... ;) The biggest point is to keep the colours and shapes similar to the old icons, but apart from that there is still a certain degree of freedom, of course.

- The icons should look good at 16x16, 24x24 and 32x32. Manual pixel pushing to fix small errors at those low resolutions is okay of course.

If you think you can help out, do not hesitate to contact me through this site or [my nick name without space] ät openmpt döt örg. I'm looking forward to seeing new great icons in my tracker! :)

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