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Looking for chip musician for advice

Posted by Kylearan
This post has expired on 2016-03-01.
I have developed a music player for a very limited and constrained platform, and I am now in the process of creating a tracker for that player. But I am a coder and no musician, and thus would like to have someone with chip music/tracker experience to:

- provide feedback if my technical design decisions are fine from a musician's perspective,
- give advice on the usability of the tracker,
- later on, maybe create some (basic) instruments,
- maybe create a demo song if/when the tracker is finished.

This basically boils down to answering some questions and providing advice via email from time to time, and if still interested later on, testing the tracker (Windows or Linux) a bit.

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I received three offers for help during the first 5 days, which is nice!