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Musician, graphician, and/or programmer to collaborate on an intro for an Arduboy Dev Kit for Revision or Sundown 2016

Posted by Starchaser
I really don't have any ideas yet, but honestly it being a somewhat new platform even things that are indirect rehashes would fly for a few points. :) What I do may depend on the music or vice versa, so I will be trying to come up with a few ideas.

(Yes, programmers welcome. No, I'm not explicitly looking to be the "ideas guy". I really do want to program on this thing.)

I am in the USA, but it doesn't matter where you're from. I haven't written anything for the Arduboy yet, despite having the it for a few months (shame on me, really) but will try to get something going very soon. I'm not a great musician, 2D artist, or demo maker but what the hey, why not try and see if I can at least fall with style? because of the previous, this could fail! So don't pin your hopes and dreams of finally getting a 1st place award at Revision on it. :P

Timetable: It'd be cool not to show up empty handed to Revision 2016, but I also realize this would have to be done by middle March. About 2.5 months. Sundown has not been announced yet, but will likely be during the summer.

Platform notes:
- There is a piezoelectric speaker; it's not super loud.*
- There is a d-pad (4 buttons) and two action (a, b) buttons.
- 1-bit (on, off) OLED screen**
- Atmega32u4: 16MHz, 32KByte Flash Memory, 2.5KByte SRAM, USB support, Arduino bootloader.
- See here:

* Specs say multichannel with mute. I have no tracker for you, so some coding experience is probably good or the ability to distill your song to a format I can write a replay routine for if I'm able.

** Some people in the community have apparently managed grayscale, but due to timing issues and inability to do some sort of sync you get tearing. I haven't really looked into it yet. I'll probably stick to black and white.

Even if all you have to offer is a nice pixel image displayed for a short bit of time like "oldschool" prods, that's cool too. It's something, and pads the demo out. :)

I have no idea if I need to say it, but credit will be shared as wanted. Anything from beamslide/NFO only to also having your name or handle shown somewhere in the prod itself. This will be listed as a collab with the "demogroup" kennewick.

YES I CAN mail you a Dev Kit, if you need. I only have 10 of them... You need to be able to receive a $29 item by mail without customs issues.

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I got an offer from JMPH to help out with music and possibly graphics. :) Nothing public yet, we've yet to get started but hopefully soonish.