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Camera operators and video cutters wanted!

Posted by D.Fox
The Revision Organizing Team is looking for two people to help us out with camera and video work during the event.

- Coordination and schedulung with the event staff
- Producing some pre-rolls for the videos

- Filming of main stage events (visitor rush, concerts, prizegiving, opening)
- Filming of off-stage and spontanous activities (5k run, visitor-entrance-rush, interviews, compo studio)
- Editing the videos and putting them on YouTube including adding pre-rolls and doing some music editing
- Informing people via Social Media about newly available videos

Some examples of our videos from 2014 can be found here:

General requirements
- take part of the buildup/teardown of the party, the timeframe is between March 31st and April 7th. If this is absolutely not possible for you, please mention this in your email.

You'll also of course get free entrance, food during the whole time, a few hugs and that warm fuzzy feeling after creating such a great event.


Drop us a mail at!

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Got some viable applications from the demoscene but also some weird ones who were actually looking for a job :)