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Become an Organiser at Revision!

Posted by Shana
Always wanted to look over the hall in the E Werk on Easter weekend and say “I made this!”? Now, how fortunate for us (and hopefully you) that we’re looking for YOU to join the fun!

We are looking for people with the English skill and attitude that makes them great working with a multi-national team, and who are as excited as we are to make this party great for everyone.

You’ll need to be in the E Werk from the Wednesday before Revision to the Tuesday after, to help us build up and tear everything... Read more...
I'm in the US, mountain time. Worldwide partners are great--I am up all hours. I speak English. I'm looking for either a one-off partnership or a longterm one. I'd just like some experience in this realm. I'm currently teaching myself C64 assembly, and know maybe a dozen programming languages, but I'm a better artist than programmer. I can figure out any format you need from video down to hexadecimal data dumps of images. I work with whatever tool is convenient. Small portfolio of sorts:

ht...
AcidTracker is a new piece of audio software under development for the Commodore Amiga series of computers. Its aim is to emulate the sound hardware of the GameBoy hand-held console, be fully LSDJ save file compatible as well as saving standard MOD and AHX files.

We will need code for:
-User Interface
-Wavetable Synthesis
-File I/O

For more information search GitHub for AcidTracker ;)

American rookie voiceover artist

Posted by Some1NamedNate
Hello everyone,

I am an aspiring voiceover artist in California, USA.

If you ever need or want a voice in an American accent for your song/demo/demoparty, do let me know.

I work part-time, however, so availability varies.

My primary language is English.


Request DEMO Artist for Google Event

Posted by Green

For an event of Google Cloud in Munich with the target group Developers we are looking for a demo artist, who could do a demo presentation at an evening event.
Is there a person here (preferably from the Munich area, but not a must) who is willing to accompany an evening with visuals and music? How we bring the content of Demo across, whether with a small lecture or through other storytelling elements, we could then still discuss.
Of course everything against appropriate payment.
Date:...