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American rookie voiceover artist

Posted by Some1NamedNate
Hello everyone,

I am an aspiring voiceover artist in California, USA.

If you ever need or want a voice in an American accent for your song/demo/demoparty, do let me know.

I work part-time, however, so availability varies.

My primary language is English.


Request DEMO Artist for Google Event

Posted by Green

For an event of Google Cloud in Munich with the target group Developers we are looking for a demo artist, who could do a demo presentation at an evening event.
Is there a person here (preferably from the Munich area, but not a must) who is willing to accompany an evening with visuals and music? How we bring the content of Demo across, whether with a small lecture or through other storytelling elements, we could then still discuss.
Of course everything against appropriate payment.
Date:...
We're excited to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the beloved Nordlicht Demoparty this year and expect around 100 visitors to join us for the four days long festivities in Bremen this September.

For it to become a successful event, however, we require additional help from volunteers (both demosceners and scene enthusiasts welcome!) who are able to help us out in the following areas:

- Compo Team
Our compo team requires 2-3 extra people for the daily preparation and running of the competition... Read more...
Graphic artist looking for an active demo group.
I do retro and modern 2D and 3D art, retro pixel art and modern.
I love digital art as a semi pro hobby.
I'm from Canada, in GMT-6 time zone, and will work with people from around the world.
Very fluent in Photoshop, and Daz3D, and Hexagon, and Blender.
Have free time frequently to work on projects.
Some examples of my work:
I'm particularly interested in doing splash screens, and titles, and would like to grow into... Read more...
We got a nice grant from the national science foundation (FWO) for doing research in real-time large scale plenoptic imaging. There are many things that are possible to do, at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and immersive plenoptic image compression (JPEG Pleno). We are based at the university of Brussels, a very international and nice city to live in.

Contact us at