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Cybernetic genetics is hiring

Posted by Travis

Cybernetig genetics looking for a 3D artist who can help making demos. I need an active member who wish to join the group and help creating demos from the beginning.

Cybernetig genetics is a hungarian demogroup with 1 active coder at the moment. Main target is PC, but open for alternative platforms. I like to experiment with different technologies.
You can check our prods here:
Prods:

Pixel-Artist from Cologne, Germany

Posted by M4rk_usCGN71
Hi i am Markus Keim,

a self-taught and -employed Pixel-Artist who speaks German, English, Espanol and portuguese.

I am using PS for more than 2 decades, and getting more used to other Adobe apps, as well as
Gimp, Krita and Blender for instance. Don't hesitate to get in contact with me:

i am offering my first NFT collections on OpenSea and Rarible; i have tons of gfx, pixels, illustrations, abstracts etc.

Any...

Looking for a Coder for demo

Posted by Stranger/HMD^RBS
DLG Crew (linked to the "Demoscene Logo Gallery" Facebook group) is looking for some Coders! No matter the platform (PC, Browser, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, Pico-8, Consoles...), to have fun, we are motivated oldschool sceners, fans of logos and design. Please contact: or visite: Read more...

Still active in 2023 ! (offering music for projects)

Posted by DoctorGekil
Hi there !
Check my older post for more details, i'll be glad to collaborate on a PC demo or intro project bringing music !
See ya !

I'm in France (GMT+1), English spoken
Interested in oneshots or long term collabs...
Using different DAWs (WAV, MP3 or MIDI capable) with samples or virtual intruments, hardware sometimes...


Vocal for a scene project

Posted by cslr
I need a vocal for this track (example, singing, lyrics can be modified etc).

If we can get something professional done, the song could participate to a scene competion and I need singer also for other musical projects..

I use FL Studio but singing can be recorded using open source software like Audacity (I think it should work just fine).

I live in GMT+3.

cslr / sensar studios