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Musician looking for a group

Posted by TôBach
I am a musician from the UK who works mostly with oldskool platforms: BBC Micro, Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy and NES, I am not afraid to do some different platforms if need be and if there is another that is entirely different I will offer to give it a go!
I am also able to do "proper" music with modern VSTs and sampling using Renoise

Examples of my work can be found mostly on my twitter and youtube:

Many...
I am an Artist, currently working on a sound installation. For an audio work would like to use a custom music visualizing software. As an ethtetic reference I think rather simple and amplitude indicators. This is just one project. Read more...

Shader Summary CSS duty

Posted by psenough
I been aggregating results data from past shader live coding events and putting them into this repo called Shader Summary. The general idea of the project is to be able to visualize this data in different ways, for starters listing everything in a decent looking page (maybe a timeline). But also something like listing all the events a certain specifc person participated on, or visualizing the outcome in a bracket view, checking if 2 people ever coded together before, etc.

totetmatt gave me a hand...

Trained graphic artist new to the scene offers help.

Posted by gojirrrra
Working with the complete Adobe CC Suite, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Aseprite, GIMP, Inkscape
Experience in HTML, CSS , JS (Three.js, PixiJS, Processing.js, p5.js), Python, Processing ... but would not consider myself as a coder.
From pixel pushing to vector work, i love to work with many media and styles.
I love to learn new things.

Based in northern germany; UTC 2+ / CEST
Open for project works or joining a team.

I speak german and english.

Looking forward to hear from you....