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Hey! I will repost from other forum from my friend mighty, do youperhaps happen to have any demo disk or other software/hardware related to the game Re-Volt? I've seen several threads sharing old Software, but they're just too many to sift through! Any help would come in handy in this endeavour. 😀

For those who dont know, Re-Volt is a cult classic game that still sparks nostalgia in many, as it was one of the most successful titles of Acclaim back in the day. The community is extremely active... Read more...

A videogame about trains

Posted by nikhotmsk
I need a person who will transform my hand-drawings into proper zx spectrum GFX. A free open-source project of mine - a videogame where you can build a railroad and run some steam-engines kind of thing. Need a title screen and button design, maybe some additional GFX.


Platform: zx spectrum graphics mode 256x192

Musician for Amiga demo productions

Posted by Lynx

new Amiga group founded by "old dudes" of the scene are a looking for a musician,
for upcoming demos outside and inside democompos (Revision, Assembly etc...).

If you have that kick, send me a message.

Cheers
Music alias is Noxw. I come from Czechia and I primarily speak English. Here are my works:

I'm looking for a long-term partnership when it comes to making music in any tracker you can think of. Willing to get out of my comfort zone in general but I mostly use OpenMPT, Renoise, Protracker (sometimes), FLS21 if I want some funky sound design and Reaper.
Been slightly involved in the demoscene...
Hi ! I'm a french musician, composer / beatmaker and would be interested to collaborate in a demo or intro project.
If you are in need of music for a compo, I can bring some audio, or MIDI, or MOD file, depending on the project and its constraints.
You'll can find some of my prods on YouTube and SoundCloud, so you'll can make an idea of my aesthetics.
Feel free to contact ASAP, for the next Revision, or maybe other events those months to come...
Everything you should know is on the website thereafter,... Read more...