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Wanted for Revision 2018: Organizers for the Infoteam

Posted by Madame
We, the Revision orga team are searching for a few sceners to fill the gaps in our infoteam.
Want to be part in organizing the biggest pure demoparty madness of the year?!

Your job would be to answer questions at the infodesk, check for wristbands, and help with the sales of beverages and t-shirts. Every infodesk team consists of approx. 5 members, so you won't be alone - also we'll give you a good introduction to the job, no need to be afraid if you're new to organizing demoparties!

A few requirements:
- friendly attitude
- general organizing talent, multitasking abilities
- fluent English (German is NOT required)
- be willing to work 4 shifts during the party (two 4 hours, two 6 hours long)

Another requirement is to take part of the buildup/teardown of the party, the timeframe is between March 27th and April 3rd. If it’s not possible for you to be there during the whole buildup, please mention this in your email and we still might be able to figure out something.

Of course you will also get free entrance, free food during the whole time, some great orga only swag, a few hugs and that warm fuzzy feeling to be an important part of such a great event.

Drop us a mail at!

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