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Looking for demo effects, rendered to video format.

Posted by prowler
This post has expired on 2019-04-18.
To all coders with demo effects lying around!
I am trying to put together a video presenting my book project with pixel art graphics. It's a presentation of graphics design very closely connected to the demoscene, and therefore I would love to include demoscene effects in my demo/presentation (like oldskool Amiga voxel routines, sine-dots, starfields, vektor-/ray-tracing scenes, etc). It will be shown at Revision 2019, so this request is quite urgent.
I would need 1920x1080 videoclips with about 10 seconds of an effect running. If it looks nice I would love to include it! You will of course be credited.
best /// prowler
Please contact me directly at for more info!

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