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Need music? Chiptunes / MOD (4ch and Multichannel)?

Posted by Dascon
In case you need a tune for your production, feel free to contact me.
Being part of the demoscene since 1991, currently member of Deadliners & Desire, I am really optimistic that I can come up with something nice for you.

So, 4ch chiptunes? No problem. MODs of any kind, even multi-channel? You are welcome, Sir.
Check my soundcloud to hear some samples of my scene work:
I´ve got quite some stuff in my portfolio, but maybe I´m best known for my chiptunes that have been used in several Amiga (and other platforms) productions.

I usually use ProTracker 2.3d for 4ch tracking, multichannel stuff is done with OpenMPT. Furthermore, I´m about to start (it´s January 2015 when I´m writing this...) composing Streamed Music aswell done in Renoise.

Best regards, Dascon

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