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Looking for a person who can compile a functioning zTracker for OSX (zTracker is Windows -only)

Posted by distance
Hi. There's this amazing, Impulse Tracker "for midi" clone called Ztracker - created by Cmicali - that finished development way back in 2002.
Their website is at - their github is at

I'm seeking someone who could do a functional OS X port of this app, so that it 1) works 2) works well. 3) works really really well. 4) works.

Obviously, if it can be made to compile on OS X, the next step would be to figure out a way of modifying the keyboard shortcuts so that they are in line with ImpulseTracker. :) But that's a cherry on the top.

Are you the person who can make Ztracker compile & work on OSX?

I think this would be either a one-off-project (make it compile on OSX and work on OSX) or long-term partnership (first make it compile, then modify the shortcuts).

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