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Wanted for Revision 2017: Oldskool Recording organizer with Amiga knowledge

Posted by Madame
We are in need of a Oldskool Recording organizer for Revision 2017 (April 14rd to April 17th 2017, Saarbr├╝cken, Germany).

The recording organizers do as it says in the description: They record all the entries which are not shown live on the bigscreen from the real hardware in time for their specific competition and assist the beamteam with playback.

To record these entries we use our in-house developed hardware- and software tool-chain during the party in a separate recording room. Except for the oldskool and Amiga competitions, the recording team is also available for recording entries for Wild and Game competitions and any others should that be required. Oldskool graphics is also handled by the recording team in cooperation with the Graphics Compo Organizers.

Knowledge of 'oldskool' platforms is a must, knowing your way around different video formats and cables as well (CVBS, SVHS, Scart, RGBI, CGA, VGA, ...). A plus is also familiarity with Amiga computers - both OCS/ECS and AGA.

You will end up in an international team of organizers with many years of experience in oldskool hardware and its recording which is an integral part of the compo team and the rest of the Revision organizing crew. As you will need to learn how the tool-chain works you will need to be present at Revision before the party during buildup (starting April 11st 2017) so you can take part in the required preparations and the infamous test compo.

Of course you will also get free entrance, free food during the whole time, some great orga only swag, a few hugs and that warm fuzzy feeling after being part of such a great event.

Drop us a mail at!

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