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Yes we did use coder colors for the logo!

Logo for the world's smallest demoparty EVER! (party on 2017/07/29)

Posted by cxw
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I am looking for a vector-format logo for T-shirts and flyers for Softbound, a micro-demoparty / kids' program I will be running at the local library in Avon, NY, US on 2017/07/29. Preferably something with some kind of book or other library connection :) , although that is not required. The t-shirts will be one color, but the flyers can be CMYK. No money, unfortunately, but I will give you credit and send you a shirt if you want one :) . More info in the links from .

Yes, this is for real - I already have a release to show!

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Raven/NCE very kindly made me a bold, effective vector logo. It will soon be either on or linked from .