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Old Midi-only tracker on Github - port it to mac OSX?

Posted by distance
Hi guys, there's this amazing, Impulse Tracker "for midi" clone called zTracker - created by Cmicali - that finished development way back in 2002.
Their website is at - their GitHub is at

I'm seeking someone who could do a functional Mac OS X/macOS port of this app, so that it 1) works 2) can be taken further

Obviously, if it can be made to compile on OS X/macOS, the next step would be to figure out a way of modifying the keyboard shortcuts so that they are in line with ImpulseTracker. :) It's not apparently that hard.

Are you the person who can make zTracker compile & work on Mac OSX/macOS?

I think this would be either a one-off-project (make it compile on OSX and work on OSX) or long-term partnership (first make it compile, then modify the shortcuts).

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