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Proposing music for demos

Posted by Doctor Gekil
Hi there ! My offer is still available... for 2023 !
I'm a french music composer / beatmaker and would be pleased to collaborate on a graphic demo or intro offering music.
I make principally some kind of Electro with nuances, that can be rough or cool... Sometimes Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Ambient... and can provide something more influenced "demoscene" if needed as well... and purely instrumental.
My productions can be heard on YouTube thereafter :
and on SoundCloud too for olders :
Maybe some of my existing tunes could interest and match if you're in need for a demo to come - like for example the track "Brainwash" or "Gentle'step" you'll could find on SoundCloud, or maybe working on some new material could be a way to make part of a project, according to the needs... We'll can talk about it anyway, regarding your technical obligations too.
Thanks for your interest and maybe we'll can get in touch soon !
Contacting me through SoundCloud will be preferable and more reactive.
See ya !

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