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Looking for graphics artists for a bunch of Amiga "cracktros"

Posted by Yragael
This post has expired on 2018-07-10.
I used to code cracktros on Amiga (portfolio here: ) (a list of cracktros with links to Flashtro remakes and YouTube videos here: ).

Since last year, I have been publishing a serie of articles in the vintage section of the french magazine Programmez! about Amiga hardware coding. For example a serie about the coding of one of my cracktros (two parts) or about how to code a sine scroll (five parts), see: (for a free EN version:, and a free FR version: ).

Since I discovered again how fun it is to code the hardware of the Amiga in assembly language, I coded several FX such as particles, rotozoom, and things like that, for further articles. Who knows? Some youngsters may read this, get interested, and start coding / drawing / composing demos on their own, whatever the computer is.

I would like to package this code, which means: release cracktros-like productions. To make it fun, the main theme would be: a tribute to the scene. So each cracktro-like production would be a little tribute: one as a tribute to coders, one as a tribute to graphic artists, and so on.

As you guess, all of this requires code, bitmaps (logos and pictures), and tunes. As an old but still moving coder, I shall write (hopefully good) code (most of it already written, as I told before). Regarding the graphics, believe me, you don't want me to draw one :)

So if you are a good graphic artist, interested in drawing at least one logo or one picture for a cracktro-like production on the good old Amiga (256, 32, 16, 8, 4 or 2 colors), let me know. Also, if you know some old dude who used to be a good graphic artist, let him know?

You can get in touch with me by writing to: stashofcode AT

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