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Experienced Amiga C and ASM coder for PT-1210 DJ Software

Posted by djh0ffman
4 years ago myself and Akira built PT-1210, a piece of DJ software for the Amiga which allows you to play ProTracker mods using two Amigas and a DJ mixer.

The current version is written (quite badly) in 100% assembler. It is also not very system friendly, which also causes some issues with compatibility between kickstart versions, but the main issue is that it's making adding extra functionality a royal PITA!

I'm looking to re-build it from the ground up in C using a modern cross-dev platform (VS Code or similar) but obviously keeping things like the player core in assembler. Extensive knowledge of the Amiga hardware, OS calls and how to do things "properly" is essential for the project.

The end result is we want something which runs on everything from KS 1.2 and upwards (not PPC or morphOS, that sucks!) and is kind to the OS.


- Hoffman

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