The demoscene's most wanted!

Yes we did use coder colors for the logo!

Creative coder and Machine Learning Programmer looking for a group, Processing, JS, C++, Python, etc.

Posted by zscore
I have background as a new media arts researcher. I am fascinated by the tech and arts scene. I am based in Asia.
At the same time, I am willing to put in work and time. I can offer ideas, think on my feet, communicate well and learn anything that's a missing piece.

I am also an electronics and communications engineer with a strong background in mathematics. Super interested in collaborations or joining a group!

I'm in GMT+5:30, no issue with communicating with any timezone. I speak English fluently, native Hindi speaker, A1 German too. Looking for a long term partnership. I have some experience with hobby electronics development boards, micro controllers, processing, JS, C++, C#, Python, PHP, etc. I know a few graphic frameworks too but not too well. No prior experience with demoscenes so I might be a landmine of fresh ideas at the intersection of eastern mysticism, modern punk and renaissance art(?? idk but sounds like a good bunch)

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