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Pixel and 3D graphics needed for TiTAN+K2 Nintendo DS demo at Nordlicht

Posted by porocyon
This post has expired on 2019-08-14.
The TiTAN Artists in Residence have been Busy With Life lately, so we really need someone to make our currently-half-a-prod a reality!

The elements currently missing in our project are:
* A 3D animation (static meshes but with animated pose etc., no rigging or anything) for the first ~30 s of the demo.
* Polygon and texture VRAM budget is *small* (2048 triangles/frame, 128k texture memory)
* We have exporter scripts for Blender and Modo, but if you have a different tool of choice with easy scripting abilities (or exporting to formats Blender or Modo understand), that should be fine, too.
* Some fullscreen 2D graphics for somewhere in the middle of the demo
* 256x192 px (x2), RGB555, no palette limitations.

If you're interested, please contact us at #titandemo on EFnet, preferably in the afternoon in CEST. Or ping one of the members, and wait. (Webchat link: )

One important detail: The compo deadline is 11:00 CEST Saturday 20 July.

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