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Looking for tracker music for oldskool DOS demo

Posted by Nuclear
Mindlapse is looking for someone to compose tracker music for our oldskool 90s-style DOS demo project (xm, mod, s3m, whatever as long as it's supported by some DOS music playback library). Target machine for the project is Pentium 133, 32mb ram, as per the Assembly oldskool compo rules.

Not gonna be a story demo, so there aren't any specific hard constraints on theme or duration, just work with us to make the music fit the effects, and the effects fit the music. Looking for a more "serious" tone, rather than something cartoonish/humoristic, but other than that we're open to suggestions.

If you might be interested and want to talk about it, drop me an email at

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I got into contact with a few people willing to write music for the demo. I think we're covered for now.