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Musician Wishes to Join , reconciliate ,regroup and create a Demo Scene Team (Crew) Famicom/NES (PAL)

Posted by Oseias
Members must be respectful to one another.
No bullying.
No quarrels.
Programmers must be in Love with the Art of it and not passionate since passion is only temporary.
I live in the United Kingdom , born in Portugal and I intend to create a long term partnership for myself and the ''Krew'' , so that maybe one day our Artwork may be displayed in a major and massive DemoParty around the world.
Let's spread the love.
In the future if all goes well , we might even be able to create an original game (.ROM).
There aren't any commercial intentions for starters (beginners).

Project is called : Luzindos

Feel free to contact me if you wish to be part or if you think you are capable of Mastering the NES visual , as I do the Audio.

My email is :

Thank you.

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