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Music visualization group looking for shader coder

Posted by SunnyBadgr
We are a group of audiovisual artists and technologists that specializes in synesthetic music visualization, we use a combination of audio software and GLSL programming to create highly detailed, carefully mapped audiovisual videos. We use our own shadertoy-compatible rendering software for high definition and 360° rendering that allow for complex 3d scenes to be rendered using audio and midi files as inputs (mapping audio/midi events to shader parameters).
We are currently looking to expand the group by adding a GLSL programmer who is familiar with raymarching and coding in Shadertoy (our renderer is fully compatible with Shadertoy and imports Shadertoy shaders, so it's very easy to use), and who is interested in making next-level 360° synesthetic music visuals for building immersive audiovisual experiences. Our group is currently a free associations of 2 creators (not paid), we both contribute ideas and projects that we develop together sharing tasks and feedback.
The goal is to offer our visualization services commercially to music artists & labels for their music releases as well as live performances (our renderer supports live midi/video/webcam input + post-processing and can also be used for VJing/streaming).
Please DM if you are interested.
Here are a some examples of our work:

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