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Shader Summary CSS duty

Posted by psenough
This post has expired on 2021-06-09.
I been aggregating results data from past shader live coding events and putting them into this repo called Shader Summary. The general idea of the project is to be able to visualize this data in different ways, for starters listing everything in a decent looking page (maybe a timeline). But also something like listing all the events a certain specifc person participated on, or visualizing the outcome in a bracket view, checking if 2 people ever coded together before, etc.

totetmatt gave me a hand last week transforming the data into a json driven thing, which heavily facilitates loading the data into webpages for random use, here is a first draft basic proof of concept of what one can do with the data:

Yes, we are aware it looks like ass, that's where you come in! We need someone with some HTML+CSS editing skills and graphic design sensibility to make this look decent.

We're still adding missing data and correcting some mistakes as we have time and/or spot them, pull requests more then welcome!

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