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Looking for Coders for a music video

Posted by Tallboy_Palmer
Hello, I am a musical artist, filmmaker, and performance artist from the San Fernando Valley in California(pst). I am new to the demoscene and I am blown away by the sheer amount of talent and wild creativity in this community. I am looking for coders and graphic designers who can help me in creating a music video for an album/video project I am working on. I myself cannot create demos, I do not have the equipment or even the slightest idea on how to code or design graphics. I am, however, in love with what I have seen in this community and would to want to get people who are passionate and skilled in this medium to explore their work via the song I made. I do not know how these exchanges work but this the best way I found to contact the community in a fitting way. So far what I am looking for is the Amiga coding style along the lines of these demos: , . The song in question is: . The song is not finalized in terms of mixing and mastering but the structure is solid and gives the framework of what I am going for. I appreciate all the effort and passion that goes into creating demos and the opportunity to reach out to the community. Stay safe and keep doing what you love.
TallBoy Palmer

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