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Looking for PC installer that can create an ultra-silent computer for DOS

Posted by distance
This is a wild shot, but I'm looking for a person who could build up a custom ultra-silent computer that runs DOS, has a Gus Max ( I can provide it ) and some sort of a Soundblaster card that is not so hissy - one that allows for Impulse Tracker to run with filters.

I'm basically looking at trying to get a legacy PC going on, where I'd be able to plug in a keyboard & mouse, and ImpulseTracker would work.

I have a soundcard, Gravis Ultrasound Max, and I know I have a need for a Pc soundcard like some sort of soundblaster Live maybe, - you'd have to know which soundcard would work with ImpulseTracker so that I can get filters working in it.

Gravis Ultrasound Max would be to be able to run Gusdelay.exe on it

Ideally if one of the soundcards could do adlib FM then that'd be awesome too.

Other details: Should be able to boot up into some sort of a Windows where I could then run legacy Windows software, like Buzz Tracker from roughly 1999-2001. Preferably at least one USB port capable of pushing wavefiles to it, and a functioning 3,5" disk-drive.

I'm in Helsinki, Finland, and I think maybe it wouldn't really matter where you're from.

It would basically be for music creation. Obviously, if the machine was fast enough to be able to handle Windows XP (yet still ultra-silent), then that'd be a bonus.

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