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composer looking for co-operation

Posted by Peer
my name is Peer, I'm a composer and based in Hamburg.
I made a 'weird' CD with quite strange 'music' which I -of course- like very much.
It is not about selling my music or forcing people to listen to it - I just want to preserve it but not only as music, but as a 'work of art'. A co-operation between music, mixing, art-work, video.

So I'd like to have visuals which could fit to this strange music of mine and I got in contact with the demo scene and my mind tells me: that could be a fantastic match.
I know that you guys are often using fixed beats under your art-works but that shouldn't be a limitation to try something else :-)

Here is the music for which I'm looking for a video-artist:

There is no deadline and if we would work together 'you' would have 'Carte Blanche' in what you are doing. You can realize your own ideas and whatever you want.

It would be fantastic if somebody would be interested.
Thanx so much

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