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Looking for musicians for my Music Demogroup

Posted by Atekuro
Hi, my name is Atekuro. I'm a musician from Canada that makes the Classic Trance from the golden years we know in love, and the style of Classics Trance I make is from the late 90s.

My timezone is Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4). I have created a new demoscene group. it's called "Golden Trancers". Golden Trancers mean trance from the rather the late 80s, or the 90s in early or late.

Those are the golden years of trance. Golden Trancers is a Music Demogroup where people who make late or early 90s and 80s trance, and I'm looking for those that can make 90s and 80s trance tracks for it.

Oh, and you can also create other 90s and 80s electronic genre tracks too, especially modern style tracks.

there's no deadline

Normally I use Fast Tracker 2 to make the tracks, and I master them in Cubase Pro 11, but you can use any software for your electronic genre tracks, like OpenMPT, Cubase Pro 11, FL Studio, Impulse Tracker 2, Schism Tracker, Fast Tracker 2 Clone, MilkyTracker, Renoise, and other software you want to use.

If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me through this website.

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