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Looking for a Buzz Tracker obsessive to rescue old tracks to wavefiles + build stable XP or W7/W8/W10 & Stable Buzz Tracker on USB stick for OSX

Posted by distance
I'm looking for someone who is all of these things:

1) Obsessed with Buzz Tracker. You know it inside & out, you know how it can bug, you've rescued broken songs and are able to avert the noise-burst-of-doom. You know which synths and effects make it crash, and how.
2) Extremely (and I do mean utterly) respectable and trustworthy.
3) Has made a habit of building non-crash-prone Buzz Tracker installs with stable synths and effects that do not clip, mess around with DC, do not suddenly emit noise-bursts of doom to make you go deaf, etc
4) Knows his way around diskwriting channel-per-channel to wavefiles.
5) Is responsive to feedback and requests - can provide screenshots of the Buzz Tracker sequencer window per song, and can do re-diskwrites upon request.
6) (bonus): know how to get Buzz Tracker running from OS X Yosemite or can safely instruct me, or sell me, a USB stick that can boot on a OSX machine to a windows+buzztracker fully functional..

I have a ton of old BMX files and I'm trying to get as many of them into "respectable form" as possible. Some of my stuff came out on vinyls + cds, and some has never been released. i'm sure you can understand that it would be horrific if the songs became available in any form outside of my control.

I'm in Helsinki, Finland, and I think this is probably a one-off project - if you can help me diskwrite songs and separate channels, and/or aid me in getting this running on OSX via maybe a bootable USB stick.

Ideally I'd like to figure out why the buzz tracks crashed, why I'd get all kinds of broken songs etc, why I'd go deaf with the bursts for no reason, and which effects to definitely not use. But I'll settle for channel-stems and a buzz-care-package that runs via a usb-stick.

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