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Graphic Artist / Musician looking for an active demo group

Posted by ByteCrusher
Graphic artist looking for an active demo group.
I do retro and modern 2D and 3D art, retro pixel art and modern.
I love digital art as a semi pro hobby.
I'm from Canada, in GMT-6 time zone, and will work with people from around the world.
Very fluent in Photoshop, and Daz3D, and Hexagon, and Blender.
Have free time frequently to work on projects.
Some examples of my work:
I'm particularly interested in doing splash screens, and titles, and would like to grow into some stop motion animation.
I enjoy working with AI art.

I have some music experience also.
I have .MED Amiga track and .XM work and MODplug experience. As well as Acid Pro.
And I have not coded much in a very long time.

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