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Become an Organiser at Revision!

Posted by Shana
Always wanted to look over the hall in the E Werk on Easter weekend and say “I made this!”? Now, how fortunate for us (and hopefully you) that we’re looking for YOU to join the fun!

We are looking for people with the English skill and attitude that makes them great working with a multi-national team, and who are as excited as we are to make this party great for everyone.

You’ll need to be in the E Werk from the Wednesday before Revision to the Tuesday after, to help us build up and tear everything down. If you’ve been an orga at a demoparty before you’ll know the score, but previous experience is not essential.

Running a demoparty is intense: There is a timetable, Murphy’s law, and you in the middle trying to accommodate both. If you are not afraid of stressful situations, and able to keep a clear head to have others’ backs as well as get help when in need, we’d love to have you on the team!

Are you interested, especially in the openings posted below?
Then drop us a message at !

Compo Orga

Since our competitions had the honour of featuring some of the greatest releases in the past decade, who would not want to be the first person to see them, and direct them into a great show!

We are especially looking for an addition to our PC Intro Compo:

Main Duties:
- Review Entries, Sort and prepare the Competition(s) in Partymeister
- Answer or relay questions from visitors
- Liaise with competitors if their entries are not working or anything is unclear
- Work with the Beamteam during the competition(s)

We are looking for someone who:
- has previously released in the Intro Compo at any or multiple parties, or has extensive experience in the category
- Can sympathise with competitors, and is able to balance between being helpful and being consequent for the best of your compo, team and competitors
- Previous compo orga experience is a plus


They are the face of Revision, and for some the first impression they get of the demoscene. Embark on the fastest way to meet new people and make a lot of friends at a demoparty - Join our Infoteam!

Main Duties:
- Manage admission of visitors, answer questions, sell beverages
- First point of contact for the visitors, and distribute requests to all other teams (e.g. compo, recording, seminar, events, etc)
- Liaise with the security personnel and escalate any issues to the shift lead or main organisers

We are looking for someone who:
- Likes to engage with people, and is a creative, ad hoc problem solver
- Is fluent in English, additional languages are a plus (German is NOT needed)
- Is willing to work 4 shifts during the party (2x 4h + 2x 6h) with ca 5 other orgas

Streaming and Online Content Direction

Be part of the team that brings Revision to everyone - even those that can’t join us in person, or stumble over the scene for the very first time! A particularly great opportunity for those who liked the stream the last couple of years, and might even bring in new ideas and improvements!

Main Duties
- Record footage of the event for the stream and VOD
- Edit video footage, embed animations and graphics
- (Depending on previous experience) Direct the content from several cameras to create engaging livestream coverage during concerts, compos and other events
We are looking for someone who:
- Is experienced with video editing tools (e.g. from the Adobe Suite, Kdenlive, Davinci Resolve, etc)
- Experience with camera operations, video switching hardware/software, and/or a track record in creating content for e.g. YouTube, Twitch or other video platforms is a strong plus

Event Tech

Lastly, we are getting down to the nitty-gritty: While we do have hired help, Revision wouldn’t be possible without the professional event staff amongst our organisers. They are the ones bringing you the Revision-experience that leaves us in awe year after year.

Main Duties:
- Help and oversee parts of the build-up and tear-down, liaise and coordinate hired event technicians
- Liaise with event venue personnel, resolve or escalate problems with the team
- Pre-Program and live-control stage and ambient lighting during events
We are looking for someone who:
- has a profound level of knowledge setting up light and sound/pa equipment including cabling, and/or power network planning
- has profound knowledge of current safety standards for event tech
is good at coordinating helpers, technicians and activities
- Operating/Programming experience with grandMA 2 lightdesk is a big plus

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Thank you very much for the platform, all! We were able to fill all open orga positions - will be posting another one in a few, but know that your work is very much appreciated and helped us big times! <3