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Looking for GLSL coder to create cutscenes for open source game

Posted by glitchapp
I'm looking for GLSL coders to create short cutscenes / animations for an open source game.
The game is dubbed in several languages and contain a lot of scripts. The idea is to create small animations at the beginning of specific areas while the dubbed dialogs are played.

The main work would be to create the shape of two little characters and the backgrounds could be rendered from the assets as a panorama (spherical rendering) or if you feel you want to add more other 3d geometry could be added to it.

The game is developed in lua and there actually shaders in it written in glsl working seamlesly thorugh the game.

The game is slowly leaving the beta phase and it is quite stable and playable.

The English dubs are completed and I'm very confident the French and Spanish dubs will be completed very soon because the work is progressing well.

I've summed the main dialogs (without some minor scripts) and I have 2 Hours and 4 minutes of dubbed scripts for every language.

If you are curious or thing you could fit in the project do not hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to provide more information.

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