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Looking for C64 coder to help with Super Mario Bros. port

Posted by rockasoo
I am currently looking for a programmer to help me with a Commodore 64 port of Super Mario Bros.

I am not a skilled programmer but I am working closely with the kind folks at Lemon64 to ensure the graphics I am creating are up to spec. I am currently building my sprites and character tiles in SpritePad/CharPad.

You can track my progress over at:
I live in Canada and work full-time but have many evenings and weekends free to work on this project.

World 1-1

This is a mostly a "because it should be done" type project. As far as look and physics of the game is concerned, the goal is to port as closely to the source as possible.

If this goes well, I would be extremely motivated to continue any partnership that may come of this. :)

If you are interested, please "drop me a line"!


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