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Looking for Hardware / Software related to Re-volt demos

Posted by Santiii727
Hey! I will repost from other forum from my friend mighty, do youperhaps happen to have any demo disk or other software/hardware related to the game Re-Volt? I've seen several threads sharing old Software, but they're just too many to sift through! Any help would come in handy in this endeavour. 😀

For those who dont know, Re-Volt is a cult classic game that still sparks nostalgia in many, as it was one of the most successful titles of Acclaim back in the day. The community is extremely active to this day - there are several Discord channels with a couple thousands of members, so I'd argue that the game is actually experiencing its second golden age. Understandably, we are always trying to expand our knowledge about the development process of the game, concept art and anything else relating to the game's history, archiving every piece of Re-Volt history that would be otherwise lost to time.

Found ones from here:

Missing ones at 2024 >>
There definitely was a McDonald's demo which was used in restaurants. It included a McDonald's car.

Missing (probably never released):

VERSION_STRING_CREATIVE “v0.01creativelabs” //was this issued with some products from Creative?
Missing (but are known to be publicly released):

VERSION_STRING_MACDONALDS “v0.01ziffdavies” //ziffdavis was a magazine, though
VERSION_STRING_IGN_PC “v0.01ign.pc” (Needs the installer version)

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