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Coder-minded graphician / designer needed for Amiga OCS 4k project

Posted by Blueberry
I have made a rendering engine for Amiga 500 for drawing incrementally on a single-buffered "canvas". To script the drawing, I designed and implemented my own exotic programming language, called Rose. Rose programs are compiled into compact bytecode, which can be embedded into an Amiga intro and interpreted to produce the desired animation.

Now I need people who are interested in using this language to produce content for one or more Amiga 4k intros.

A description of the Rose language, along with a simulator to use when writing Rose programs, and a few examples, can be found at

The toolchain was used for the Amiga OCS 4k "Painter's Frustration" released at Revision 2014:

Any kind of feedback is welcome! :-D

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