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Looking for professional demo-capturer to capture two demos to hi-res video.

Posted by distance
Hi, here are two demos::

H3O Breather by 3State
Haikku by Exceed

If you can somehow assist in reducing them to 1080p or 720p hi-res video, and can send them to me so I can get them posted on YouTube, then you are the person I'm looking for.

H3O Breather will look like it's working, will render a video, but then your displaycard will actually not make certain effects look correct at all. Not sure what the problem with Haikku is gonna be.

Details about H3O Breather effects bugging on most displaycards:
the segment / effects at 0:38-0:42 and 1:12-1:28 will not display a proper twirly kind of main-3d-object but instead weird blue background stuff and nothing else. If you are able to create a version where these effects play properly, then please do so!

If you know what you're doing, you're my guy!

I'm in the Helsinki Finland GMT2/GMT3 timezone, you can be from a universe where a PC will play these demos. I think this would be just a one-off.

Please could you deliver a 1080p or 720p version of Haikku or H3O Breather to as that would help.

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