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Basic video-editing

Posted by numtek
I'm a available for some basic video-editing. If you already know how the final video should look like, and you have all the content ready for editing we could ping-pong the video till it is done. I won't have any time available to make content myself, so if you need any fancy motion graphics, 2d/3d-design or music to accompany your video I recommend posting a request for such a person :) I prefer a zip-file with all the assets already done and spell checked, so to say.

It will help a lot if you already made all the tough choices a director has to make, so we can skip right to the actual editing of the video.
So yeah, if you killed all your darlings and you envisioned how it should look on the bigscreen, give me a shout.

I'm based in The Netherlands and I did stuff like this and this and this

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