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I can music for N-k intros

Posted by mu6k
I can provide music for intros.

I have my own synth code, I will not work with others. Period.

My synth provides a buffer upon calling a function. Generally you need to pass this into a playback system. It works just fine on the latest Visual Studio Community.

The synth dependencies are:
- C++11 features
- contains inline x86 FPU assembly code, it does not rely on any external math functions.
- dynamic memory management. (I can provide basic stuff that works on windows)

The size of the synth and data heavily depends on the complexity of the composition. A general size after compression is about 4k for both synth and data. This can easily fit into 8k+ productions.

I have not tried for to fit into a 4k intro. In theory it should fit with something _EXTREMELY_ minimalistic, but cannot guarantee. I think for one of my productions the synth and data is around 2k, but since the goal was not 4k, I didn't bother much with optimization.

You can view previous productions where this synth was used. The first one is the latest and the second one is the one I've invested most of my time.

Also, this synth won the superfunction award at Function 2015.

My goal here is to improve my synth, create new sounds to work with and experiment with music composition. I have some musical experience, but I must admit I still have plenty to learn.

In case you're wondering, there is no GUI for the synth. If you have a musician and just need a synth, I'm still the one that has to implement the sound. If you're musician is able to provide all the information needed, I can implement it, but keep in mind that there will be limitations.

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