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Currently, 40 people are looking for somebody to help them with their projects!

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At the same time, 20 people are offering their skills to help out others!

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I used to code cracktros on Amiga (portfolio here: ) (a list of cracktros with links to Flashtro remakes and YouTube videos here: ).

Since last year, I have been publishing a serie of articles in the vintage section of the french magazine Programmez! about Amiga hardware coding. For example a serie about the coding of one of my cracktros (two parts) or about how to code a sine scroll... Read more...
I recently made a tune that has the influences of BrothomStates & Aphex Twin.

...And I'm going to need your help for this.

If you're a coder, who can make a fractal, or a city, or anything, in just seconds/minutes/hours,

Contact me & send them to me via message. Thanks!


Kahvi Collective needs a logo

Posted by nagz
Hi guys

One of the longest-running netlabels, Kahvi Collective ( needs a new logo. Or any logo of some sort, because the current one is just a typeface :)

I'm reaching out to you scene ppl, because you are too cool and the label itself has helped many prolific demoscene musicians to spread their works, for example Heatbeat, Necros, Blamstrain, Esem/Stereoman, Distance/Lackluster, Radix and many others. See for yourself:

Keywords:...

Proposing music for demos

Posted by DoctorGekil
Hi there !
I'm a french music composer / beatmaker and would be pleased to collaborate on a graphic demo offering music.
I make principally some kind of Electro with nuances, that can be hard or cool... Sometimes Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Ambient...
My productions can be heard on SoundCloud thereafter :
Maybe some of my existing tunes could interest and match if you're in need for a demo to come - like for example the tunes "Brainwash" or "Gentle'step" you'll... Read more...