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So... not terribly scene-related, but if you want some portfolio or a break from your current rut, read on! I am building TabFern, a tab-management extension for Google Chrome because Chrome 60 broke the one I was using. The extension is at . I am looking for logos that fit in a square: 128x128px, 48x48, and 16x16. Vector or raster - your choice, as long as I can eventually get PNG with transparent background.

The current icons are based on a fractal fern... Read more...
I need some help with creating scenes to a PC demo for an upcoming party. I have some animatic done with rough models, I need some more detailed assets there. Out tool mostly uses Blender, and export right there, but any format works which could be imported into it (OBJ preferred).
Those props doesn't have to be made especially for the prod, if there are any unused and/or freely usable models, those would be appreciated as well.
The demo itself takes place in a sci-fi setting, with big industrial... Read more...
I've written a track, that has a very late 90's Amiga demoscene feel to it, and it has been suggested that it needs a demo/visuals to back it up.

It's a nice 125 BPM, so that should simplify the task of frame-syncing greatly.


I'm based in the UK and only speak English. But I'm happy to with people from anywhere.

Initially, a one-off project, but maybe interested in something long term. Read more...

Amiga pixeller wanted for Evoke prod

Posted by Fell
Rift are bereft of graphicians!

We'd love a pretty 300x200 logo/prod title screen and potentially some overlays for our little Evoke prod.

A pretty any-subject miggy picture or two to show would just be a bonus (up to 320x256, 8-32 col).

Give us a shout! <3