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I have background as a new media arts researcher. I am fascinated by the tech and arts scene. I am based in Asia.
At the same time, I am willing to put in work and time. I can offer ideas, think on my feet, communicate well and learn anything that's a missing piece.

I am also an electronics and communications engineer with a strong background in mathematics. Super interested in collaborations or joining a group!

I'm in GMT+5:30, no issue with communicating with any timezone. I speak... Read more...

I'm a music make and i'm looking for a Coder and Graphic designer for a music video at stoa under payment.
I can't link the tracks for obvious reasons.
But it is a serious project, an ep of four tracks where only one piece will be advertised as a video première in the various magazines. this means that the video will have a great relevance in terms of visibility.


Looking for Demo/Game/interactive/VR coder

Posted by Daveluke
I am looking for a coder with background and experience in DEMOS AND GAME interactive navigation/controls and/or Virtual Reality as well.
I am from Brazil, I speak portuguese/english, but no problem to group with anyone from anywhere else. This will be a Demoish VR game project. Thinking to use TOOL to make it (if possible).
Please contact if you have these skills.

Looking for Infodesk organizers at evoke

Posted by dino
We, the evoke family is still looking for people to help us with the Infodesk.

If you are motivated and would like to help us during the event, we would be glad if you join our team.

Your task will be to help visitors who have problems/questions regarding the party or surroundings, to keep the party clean and the visitors awake e.g. making coffee. You will have two shifts of max. 5 hours each in which you are working in a team of 3 people with guidance of the main organizer on duty. Speaking... Read more...
I used to code cracktros on Amiga (portfolio here: ) (a list of cracktros with links to Flashtro remakes and YouTube videos here: ).

Since last year, I have been publishing a serie of articles in the vintage section of the french magazine Programmez! about Amiga hardware coding. For example a serie about the coding of one of my cracktros (two parts) or about how to code a sine scroll... Read more...