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Musician looking for group

Posted by topshelf
Never been involved in the scene, but it's something I've wanted to do for ages!

Interested in working on C64 projects as well as more modern productions. I'm reasonably versatile, able to lend myself to a number of different styles, but primarily dance/electronica.

I'm UK based, and an English speaker.

For C64 productions, I'd be using SidTracker64/GoatTracker to create the music, no custom drivers for me.

Listen to my work, at

Multimedia project

Posted by eclectic
Hello, I would like to start a multimedia project in which I would like to stream or provide multimedia content on demand. The project would be like a multimedia TV and I would like to curate content from the demo scene. I'm specially interested in learning how the demos are done so any coder who would like to be interviewed and or explain their own projects while their demos are being shown please contact me at

I'm also interested in the work of graphic designers, 3d... Read more...
I have an idea that is completely stupid, but will almost certainly bag us the entirety of the internet hacker fame if it works. It involves modifying an old driver that I found on the web and bit-banging the graphics hardware to do something it was never designed to do. I just don't have the low-level coding chops to do it myself. I've done the math & mapped it out on paper, and I think it would be relatively simple to accomplish, which means in actuality it will be months of development hell and... Read more...

Looking for Coder

Posted by sybeX
Reversed Engineers aka Rev:Eng are looking for a coder to resurrect the group from the last active production back in 2004 named "Act 3".

I am in the US (PST Timezone) but you could be anywhere in the world.
We can start a one off project and why note continue with a long term partnership..

I am interested in creating a demo with a VR twist... ;)
I use Adobe, Gimp, Blender, Motion and Reason for music

To contact me please email me your info, a small summary about you and how you are related... Read more...

looking for a graphics artist

Posted by bxSLP
graphics artist needed for demo's on amiga, cpc, and other systems including windows. would prefer someone able to animate.

we are a well known UK group. with 8 music composers and 6 coders. our graphics guy is too bizzy with IRL stuff. has been for over a year
and this isnt likely to change. but we seriously need someone to help with currant and future projects

if your interested please contact me at

we hav an active slack page aswell as a secret facebook group Read more...