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Proposing music for demos

Posted by DoctorGekil
Hi there !
I'm a french music composer / beatmaker and would be pleased to collaborate on a graphic demo offering music.
I make principally some kind of Electro with nuances, that can be hard or cool... Sometimes Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Ambient...
My productions can be heard on SoundCloud thereafter :
Maybe some of my existing tunes could interest and match if you're in need for a demo to come - like for example the tunes "Brainwash" or "Gentle'step" you'll... Read more...
Hi guys I'm looking to license a bunch of artwork to put onto various products and sell them.

I have a website and I have the equipment to print on things like mugs, t-shirts, coasters, mouse mats cuff-links and more.
But I'm lacking in designs that work for the audience I'm trying to attract.

The idea is that if a product sells with your artwork on it, I will pay you a royalty.

The cooler the better.

C64 sid need to new game (little urgent).

Posted by traq
I'm looking c64 musician who could share one of his sid's from his drawer.
I'm working on funny game on C64, which I'm going to release on game compo on Load Error party 20-22 Oct.
Game of course non-profit (freeware is even one of conditions), and I'm doing this in my free time.
It could be some more or less funny music, because game will be very funny.
I have to finish game before 08 Oct, and it will be my first game on c64. Read more...
So... not terribly scene-related, but if you want some portfolio or a break from your current rut, read on! I am building TabFern, a tab-management extension for Google Chrome because Chrome 60 broke the one I was using. The extension is at . I am looking for logos that fit in a square: 128x128px, 48x48, and 16x16. Vector or raster - your choice, as long as I can eventually get PNG with transparent background.

The current icons are based on a fractal fern... Read more...