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Pico-8 musician for small demos and games

Posted by Nodepond
I am looking for a musician, that is ready and able to do good music on the pico-8 ( ). Can be long-term collab as well, but I primely want to get some shit done for Evoke '16.

I am into music as well, but do not have the time and guts to make music ATM.

Nodepond ^Level90, Cologne.

Looking for a logo for livestream series

Posted by psenough

I'm running "Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000", a monthly livestream show where we watch the latest demos and commentate on them.
The show is still rather new but you can see the results of our two first episodes here:

I'm looking for some logos saying "Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000" or simply "MDT9K" to display while the jingle plays and in transitions etc. If you are willing to contribute with a logo or a logo... Read more...

Need someone who can build on OS X

Posted by irrlicht project
Working on a savestate manager for my calculator tracker atm. As my computer is old and wrinkly, I need someone who can build and test this tool for me on Mac OS X. It's written in C++ and uses wxWidgets.

I'll need this soon-ish since I want to bundle it together with upcoming release of the tracker, which is already done.

-utz

4k musician needed

Posted by wolfee
4k musician needed for an intro for the QBParty (13..15 May). 4klang preferred.
email: at gmail
skype:

Looking for Unity help for @Party prod

Posted by jmph
Looking for someone who knows Unity well to give me a hand with an Oculus Rift / VR prod. :) If that combination of words sounds fun, hit me up!
I want to have this going for @Party which is on the first weekend of June, so kinda tight timing. Fortunately what I have in mind should take an experienced Unity person only an afternoon or two. I am currently not that.

You can either (a) work on the coding/scripting/worldbuilding aspects of the demo yourself and I concentrate on the music and graphics,... Read more...