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Low poly 3D artist for Amiga demo project

Posted by Todi
Are you a master of low poly modeling, love to bake ambient occlusion in a 256x256 big texture & want your work to be shown in a resolution of 320x256?

We are looking for a 3D artist for our next Amiga production, reply and see what happens...

$500 max Custom Intro

Posted by nrgjesse
I'm looking for an intro to my twitch channel and I'm willing to pay a max of $500 to have someone do an awesome job at it. only requirements is that it includes nrg_jesse as the name and the logo can be custom submitted if required. Easy going, I know the difficulty involved and just looking for some artistic influence. Read more...
We, the Revision orga team are searching for a few sceners to fill the gaps in our infoteam. 
Want to be part in organizing the biggest pure demoparty madness of the year?!

Your job would be to answer questions at the infodesk, check for wristbands, and help with the sales of beverages and t-shirts. Every infodesk team consists of 5 members, so you won't be alone - also we'll give you a good introduction to the job, no need to be afraid if you're new to organizing demoparties! 

A few requirements: 
-...
We are in need of a Oldskool Recording organizer for Revision 2017 (April 14rd to April 17th 2017, Saarbrücken, Germany).

The recording organizers do as it says in the description: They record all the entries which are not shown live on the bigscreen from the real hardware in time for their specific competition and assist the beamteam with playback.

To record these entries we use our in-house developed hardware- and software tool-chain during the party in a separate recording room. Except for... Read more...

Logo for 2017's Nordlicht Demoparty needed!

Posted by SunSpire

We're looking for a 3D graphics artist who can create a shiny (widescreen) logo for this year's Nordlicht Demoparty. It will be used on the party website, beamslides and of course in the party's invitation demo, so a bit of fame and glory for grabs! :)

Spawned your interest? Please come join us in #nordlicht on IRCnet or write us an email! Read more...