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Looking for evoke Infodesk organizer

Posted by dino
We, the evoke team are looking for people to help us grow our family.

Become part of a loose collective of people loving the demoscene. If you are motivated and would like to get more behind the scene knowledge of one of Germany longest running scene events, we would be glad if you join our team.

We mainly need people that help running the event as infodesk organizer. Your task will be to help visitors who have problems/questions regarding the party or surroundings, to keep the party clean... Read more...
To all coders with demo effects lying around!
I am trying to put together a video presenting my book project with pixel art graphics. It's a presentation of graphics design very closely connected to the demoscene, and therefore I would love to include demoscene effects in my demo/presentation (like oldskool Amiga voxel routines, sine-dots, starfields, vektor-/ray-tracing scenes, etc). It will be shown at Revision 2019, so this request is quite urgent.
I would need 1920x1080 videoclips with about...
Take a look at or to see the emu in action.

This project badly need a stylish logo. It can be ASCII (new-school, old-school), 2d or 3d. As the project is about emulate a 30 years old machine, retro would definitive fit.

The logo will be used on the Github project page, it will be used as favicon and as splash screen for the PWA app.

Genoz / Vantage