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4k musician needed

Posted by wolfee
4k musician needed for an intro for the QBParty (13..15 May). 4klang preferred.
email: at gmail
skype:

Looking for Unity help for @Party prod

Posted by jmph
Looking for someone who knows Unity well to give me a hand with an Oculus Rift / VR prod. :) If that combination of words sounds fun, hit me up!
I want to have this going for @Party which is on the first weekend of June, so kinda tight timing. Fortunately what I have in mind should take an experienced Unity person only an afternoon or two. I am currently not that.

You can either (a) work on the coding/scripting/worldbuilding aspects of the demo yourself and I concentrate on the music and graphics,... Read more...

Graphic artist needed (Amiga)

Posted by AlienTech

I would like to get in touch with a graphic artist to start a duo team, where I am the programmer.

My current project is a demo for the demo scene where the target is Commodore Amiga 500 with OCS chipset.

A knowledge of the Amiga graphics and related tools is certainly welcome.

It is not a paid work but such projects can give a very good return in terms of visibility and resume.

Those interested can email me mscarano @ libero . it


Looking for 3D artist for demo-anim prods.

Posted by AceMan
I'm looking for someone who is capable of making demo-like effects in 3D software.
The goal - making demoish videos for demoscene anim compos :)

Lightwave and/or After Effects would be great - I'm familiar with them so I think cooperation would be easier :)

It doesn't have to be uber advanced scene science. I am basically looking for someone that would help me rotate that cube, while I'll focus on other things (rendering, editing, filters, sync, composition etc.) ;)

AceMa...