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Musician/Sound Designer looking for projects

Posted by CitizenSounds
Hello Everyone,

I am a freelance sound designer looking for a project to get involved with.

Mainstream Electronic music is a passion of mine, as well as video games and story telling. I am a skilled music producer and would love to get involved with a team of like minded individuals who believe in video games as an artistic and expressive platform.

If you can imagine a sound, i can make it a reality.


I NEED Coder, Graphician (3D), Musician
I am Daveluke from Brazil and I have this good idea (Big project, maybe Academic).
People from Portugal OR ANYWHERE (speaking English - Portuguese and/or English fluent).
For one project PC DEMO, no deadline for now, it envolves VR, 3D, procedural and so on...
Please contact for details.
After a while - 27 years, I am with c64 again.
I am going to make some intro and I need some logo(s).
Anyone want to help ?

Also I have some old works and i want to upgrade it with some new options...
Need help to get familiar again with c64 coding...

Greets from Croatia

Looking for evoke Infodesk organizer

Posted by dino
To celebrate our 20th anniversary the evoke team is looking for additional infodesk organizers. If you are motivated and would like to help us during the event, we would be glad if you join our team.
Your task will be to help visitors who have problems/questions regarding the party or surroundings, to keep the party clean and the visitors awake e.g. making coffee. You will have two shifts of max. 5 hours each in which you are working in a team of 3 people with guidance of the main organizer on... Read more...

drone ambient

Posted by psenough
If anyone is looking for some drone ambient sounds for a more contemplative demo, i got some new sounds for you to take a listen to, send me a mail and i'll give you a link to see if it fits with your demo idea or not. :) Read more...