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Take a look at or to see the emu in action.

This project badly need a stylish logo. It can be ASCII (new-school, old-school), 2d or 3d. As the project is about emulate a 30 years old machine, retro would definitive fit.

The logo will be used on the Github project page, it will be used as favicon and as splash screen for the PWA app.

Genoz / Vantage

Offering 64K music (64klang)

Posted by Byproduct

If you're doing a 64k demo sometime this year, I'd be happy to make a soundtrack using 64klang. I'd prefer to do most of the composing in April/May (while I'm on my holiday), but the demo can be released at any 2019 party.

For reference, here's a 64klang track I've made, takes about 16kb. ( ). It won the Assembly music compo. Other stuff also available for listening on SC of course.

As for your demo, I've no specifics in mind. It doesn't... Read more...

Coder looking for group

Posted by Salacryl
I left the demoscene 2003, but I'm thrilled to take a new beginning :)
Before you ask: I don't have any prods, but I like to create.

If any of you search for a new programmer, please contact me.
Some details of me:
I'm 40 and my first contact with demos were demomaker, musictracker on my amiga. Since then I always do some private projects to test new ways, enhance skillsets etc.
Btw: I'm german and live in norway.

* I'm looking for a long-term group partnership
* I can use any tool you...
We are hiring!!

The Revision orga team is searching for a few infoteam members.
Want to be part in organizing the biggest demoparty madness in the world?!

Your job would be to answer questions at the infodesk, check for wristbands, and help with the sales of beverages and t-shirts. Every infodesk team consists of 5 members, so you won't be alone - also we'll give you a good introduction to the job, no need to be afraid if you're new to organizing demoparties!

A few requirements:
- friendly...