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Solskogen logo wanted!

Posted by gloom
Hey ho! The Solskogen organizing team is looking for someone to help them create a "timeless" Solskogen logo that can be used for the party, t-shirts, the Solskogen website and more.


- Must be readable ("Solskogen"), no year mark
- Must work as a website logo, on garments (t-shirts) and diplomas
- Vector format file (preferably Adobe Illustrator, but we're not picky :)
- Single color and multi-color variants would be a plus!
- Style-wise, you are free to try any style you see fit,... Read more...

My group is looking for musician!

Posted by Flashy/Kendeb
I'm looking for a musician for my group.
I'm currently working on my first demo using, but doesn't have a good music enough to use.
Can someone make music for my first demo?

I can music for N-k intros

Posted by mu6k
I can provide music for intros.

I have my own synth code, I will not work with others. Period.

My synth provides a buffer upon calling a function. Generally you need to pass this into a playback system. It works just fine on the latest Visual Studio Community.

The synth dependencies are:
- C++11 features
- contains inline x86 FPU assembly code, it does not rely on any external math functions.
- dynamic memory management. (I can provide basic stuff that works on windows)

The size...

I can GLSL/HLSL material, effect or post

Posted by mu6k
I can help with shaders for small projects. I don't really have much time in general, but I enjoy doing this in my spare time. For me it's like watching movies/shows for others.

I prefer working with tools that have live compilation, for me the process of writing shaders is an interactive process. I can provide with help for setting this up. I've done this plenty of times.

I don't care if it's HLSL or GLSL, it's the same for me.

I have experience with raymarching, writing material shaders...

Pico-8 musician for small demos and games

Posted by Nodepond
I am looking for a musician, that is ready and able to do good music on the pico-8 ( ). Can be long-term collab as well, but I primely want to get some shit done for Evoke '16.

I am into music as well, but do not have the time and guts to make music ATM.

Nodepond ^Level90, Cologne.