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Yes we did use coder colors for the logo!

Need vocalist for my music projects

Posted by cslr

I create electronic dance music. I need singer for my projects, I have tried to sing myself but would need better vocals. I often use FL Studio to create tracks.

Here is a link to my current work-in-progress dance track:

cslr / sensar studios
I am looking for someone who can programme GPU shaders, which should finally run in Max MSP.

It should be a torus lens distortion effect, i.e. just a "2D texture shader / image shader".
It would be good if it could run in Max 8 with GL2, to avoid having to redo everything.
The newly programmed shader should replace the old odd Apple Image Unit "Torus-Lens-Distortion-Effect". It would be possible to solve it finaly in Max 8 with,, or

Is there...
Darkage is working on a new Amiga demo! Our 3d engine is ready and we are looking for someone that can draw scenes and objects in Blender. Please write us at if you want to take part in this project! :) Read more...
I'm an Amiga musician but I have also made C64 tunes. I also have made various tunes with other systems such as SNES and the Sega.
Experienced in music for almost 4yrs.
I'm in the demogroups MoonShine and Hokuto Force

If need to contact me, email me or add me on Discord:
manical90 - Discord username
I will show some of my favorite / best tunes that I've made so far.

Looking for coders.

Posted by DeMOSic
We are MoonShine, A Demogroup full of a bunch of folks doing Music and GFX, but the problem is...

We dont really have many coders.

We are looking for coders for C64, PC, and Amiga, but other platforms are also ok (They dont have as much activity but you can still join)

If you're interested in joining MoonShine, Join the MoonShine Discord Server.
Then send a Message to "sid8580" (thats my username, my nickname is DeMOSic / HF'MS'BCC'VCC'LSD) about joining... Read more...

Looking for a Coder for demo

Posted by Stranger/HMD^RBS
DLG Crew (linked to the "Demoscene Logo Gallery" Facebook group) is looking for some Coders! No matter the platform (PC, Browser, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, Pico-8, Consoles...), to have fun, we are motivated oldschool sceners, fans of logos and design. Please contact: or visite: Read more...
I'm looking for GLSL coders to create short cutscenes / animations for an open source game.
The game is dubbed in several languages and contain a lot of scripts. The idea is to create small animations at the beginning of specific areas while the dubbed dialogs are played.

The main work would be to create the shape of two little characters and the backgrounds could be rendered from the assets as a panorama (spherical rendering) or if you feel you want to add more other 3d geometry could be added... Read more...

Classic Amiga Coders Wanted For Synth Tracker Project

Posted by Mr.Roboto
AcidTracker is a new piece of audio software under development for the Commodore Amiga series of computers. Its aim is to emulate the sound hardware of the GameBoy hand-held console, be fully LSDJ save file compatible as well as saving standard MOD and AHX files.

We will need code for:
-User Interface
-Wavetable Synthesis
-File I/O

For more information search GitHub for AcidTracker ;)
We got a nice grant from the national science foundation (FWO) for doing research in real-time large scale plenoptic imaging. There are many things that are possible to do, at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and immersive plenoptic image compression (JPEG Pleno). We are based at the university of Brussels, a very international and nice city to live in.

Contact us at