The demoscene's most wanted!

Yes we did use coder colors for the logo!
I've started tracking just last year. Made a couple of simple tunes, and would like to start working with demogroups.
I can compose music for any format, but I'm most comfortable with ImpulseTracker. Will show some tunes if requested.
I live in Europe. I can speak Spanish and English.
You can find me on Discord: lakionzekk (if I reject your friend request, just add again - it was probably a misclick on my part!) Read more...
I'm an Amiga musician but I have also made C64 tunes. I also have made various tunes with other systems such as SNES and the Sega.
Experienced in music for almost 4yrs.
I'm in the demogroups MoonShine and Hokuto Force

If need to contact me, email me or add me on Discord:
manical90 - Discord username
I will show some of my favorite / best tunes that I've made so far.
Hey I'm looking for new projects, I have gone to demoparties since 2004 and I've been making demos since 2011, multiple a year in fact on different platforms new and old. Happy to fill either the coder and/or graphician roles.

Notable demos I've taken part in this story driven style are Igaku, Housed, Neotokyo, Rabbit001, The Secret Service Agency and Guberniya.

I live in Europe. I mainly speak English and Finnish.

Proficient with C, C++, C#, JavaScript, DirectX, OpenGL, Clip Studio Paint,... Read more...

Looking for coders.

Posted by DeMOSic
We are MoonShine, A Demogroup full of a bunch of folks doing Music and GFX, but the problem is...

We dont really have many coders.

We are looking for coders for C64, PC, and Amiga, but other platforms are also ok (They dont have as much activity but you can still join)

If you're interested in joining MoonShine, Join the MoonShine Discord Server.
Then send a Message to "sid8580" (thats my username, my nickname is DeMOSic / HF'MS'BCC'VCC'LSD) about joining... Read more...

Pixel-Artist from Cologne, Germany

Posted by M4rk_usCGN71
Hi i am Markus Keim,

a self-taught and -employed Pixel-Artist who speaks German, English, Espanol and portuguese.

I am using PS for more than 2 decades, and getting more used to other Adobe apps, as well as
Gimp, Krita and Blender for instance. Don't hesitate to get in contact with me:

i am offering my first NFT collections on OpenSea and Rarible; i have tons of gfx, pixels, illustrations, abstracts etc.

Any...

Looking for a Coder for demo

Posted by Stranger/HMD^RBS
DLG Crew (linked to the "Demoscene Logo Gallery" Facebook group) is looking for some Coders! No matter the platform (PC, Browser, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, Pico-8, Consoles...), to have fun, we are motivated oldschool sceners, fans of logos and design. Please contact: or visite: Read more...

Still active in 2023 ! (offering music for projects)

Posted by Doctor Gekil
Hi there !
Check my older post for more details, i'll be glad to collaborate on a PC demo or intro project bringing music !
See ya !

I'm in France (GMT+1), English spoken
Interested in oneshots or long term collabs...
Using different DAWs (WAV, MP3 or MIDI capable) with samples or virtual intruments, hardware sometimes...


Vocal for a scene project

Posted by cslr
I need a vocal for this track (example, singing, lyrics can be modified etc).

If we can get something professional done, the song could participate to a scene competion and I need singer also for other musical projects..

I use FL Studio but singing can be recorded using open source software like Audacity (I think it should work just fine).

I live in GMT+3.

cslr / sensar studios