The demoscene's most wanted!

Yes we did use coder colors for the logo!
Music alias is Noxw. I come from Czechia and I primarily speak English. Here are my works:

I'm looking for a long-term partnership when it comes to making music in any tracker you can think of. Willing to get out of my comfort zone in general but I mostly use OpenMPT, Renoise, Protracker (sometimes), FLS21 if I want some funky sound design and Reaper.
Been slightly involved in the demoscene...
Hi ! I'm a french musician, composer / beatmaker and would be interested to collaborate in a demo or intro project.
If you are in need of music for a compo, I can bring some audio, or MIDI, or MOD file, depending on the project and its constraints.
You'll can find some of my prods on YouTube and SoundCloud, so you'll can make an idea of my aesthetics.
Feel free to contact ASAP, for the next Revision, or maybe other events those months to come...
Everything you should know is on the website thereafter,... Read more...
I've been working on a WonderSwan C development toolchain called "Wonderful" for the past 1-2 years.

One of the things the platform could really use is a music driver/tracker - converted VGM files have filesize and technical issues. As such, understanding that my time available to work on a niche homebrew toolchain is limited, I've been considering adapting hUGEDriver/hUGETracker to the WonderSwan as part of my toolchain work. The reasoning behind such a choice is:

(a) The tracker in question...

Revision 2024 Orga Call

Posted by Shana
Revision is the biggest pure demoscene event in the world - and roundabout 60 volunteers make it possible. Come join us to have the best Easter weekend for you, us, and the demoscene!

We are looking for people with the English skill and attitude that makes them great working in a multi-national team, and who are as excited as we are to make this party great for everyone.

You’ll need to be in the E Werk from the Wednesday before Revision to the Tuesday after, to help us build up and tear... Read more...
I just discovered the demoscene and I'd like to get involved.

I'm skilled at 2D graphics and illustration and am currently learning more about Blender so I can help with 3D too. I don't really mess with programming much because it's not my focus, so I'd like to stay on the graphics side and work with people who can handle the programming, or have something in mind that can be done, and I can push it to the limit graphic- or story-wise.

You can find my work at and more...

Looking for a new group

Posted by FilipppX
Hi! I'm Filippp. I'm from Poland. My time is GMT. I'm looking for a new group (ex. Desire, Farbrausch etc.). I would like to specialize as a musician. Read more...

Looking for Winter Byte Jam participants

Posted by FilipppX
Hello! It's Filippp here. I from Poland and i need participants to Spirit Zone Winter Byte Jam event. My time is CET. I talking in Polish and English. Party the day after tomorrow.
I am looking for someone who can programme GPU shaders, which should finally run in Max MSP.

It should be a torus lens distortion effect, i.e. just a "2D texture shader / image shader".
It would be good if it could run in Max 8 with GL2, to avoid having to redo everything.
The newly programmed shader should replace the old odd Apple Image Unit "Torus-Lens-Distortion-Effect". It would be possible to solve it finaly in Max 8 with,, or

Is there...
Darkage is working on a new Amiga demo! Our 3d engine is ready and we are looking for someone that can draw scenes and objects in Blender. Please write us at if you want to take part in this project! :) Read more...